• Primasera - Fish Restaurant - Mediterranean Cuisine - Poros
Primasera - Fish Restaurant - Mediterranean Cuisine - Poros

Fishing Boats, moving in a row. Lazy cats, stare at the patch of the nets. The neighbourhood of the fishermen to Poros was Punta. All over the pier you could see boats with nets, boats with acetylene lamps, purse-seiners and trawlers tied to moorings. All the coast was a big shipyard. That was the spot where the people of Poros were fixing their boats. Punta rests in the day and comes alive at night. Since the past years had a tradition in the taverns and the wine was always the guest of honor. It was a neighborhood of fishermen, of the taverns and of Poros traditional dance. The love affairs and the fights, sometimes, made the Punta a landscape straight out of old rebetiko song."

The fish tavern "Primasera" is located in Punta, perhaps the most beautiful area of Poros next to the sea, which has preserved, as much as possible, the picturesque elements of old Poros, whether they are houses or fishing boats and caiques.

The old-timers remember that every evening, a wild celebration would unfold on the beach of Punta. People would gather there to flirt, dance, and revel in the picturesque taverns, and later in the bars and clubs.

Today, Punta remains a beloved neighborhood, an ideal area for strolling and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the beachfront. Its establishments, even today, maintain the stamp of authenticity that characterizes it, allowing you to enjoy your meal and the unique atmosphere of the area.